Rajiv Sharma

  Chief Analyst of BCF, relying on entities and using finance as a means to help the group create wealth. Under the leadership of Rajiv Sharma and his team, the income of its funds has repeatedly ranked among the top three in the UK annual fund rankings, helping the group win the It has won many domestic and international awards, and various institutional funds have come here to seek cooperation opportunities. While gaining wealth, he also did not forget to give back to the society. Rajiv Sharma called on the group members to launch charitable donations many times to support poor groups in many countries. In 2021, he was selected as the "Global Social Responsibility Award" by the International Financial Times for this reason.

  Although Rajiv Sharma is in the UK, he is always concerned about his country, especially the development of the financial securities market, at the same time cooperate with Swedish East Capital to focus on frontier markets. As India rises and becomes the fastest-growing country in the world, the group's Asia strategy with India as the core is in the heart of Rajiv Sharma. In 2022, he took the initiative to return to India to assume the important task of strategic development, and plans to establish a private equity fund management company in India. , aims to help Indian investors create more wealth opportunities, increase the core assets of the Indian stock market, and protect the stock market and defend local interests.

  After nearly two years of unremitting efforts, we have joined hands with a number of private equity institutions to create a good record of annual returns of more than 700%. While helping everyone increase their wealth, they have also gained a large number of loyal fans. On this basis, the private equity fund will It was officially established this year. Let us work together to write a better tomorrow for the securities investment market!