Move Money Abroad


Establishing localized transaction service centers in multiple countries and regions around the world to create a blockchain ecosystem that integrates multiple business forms.

Investment consulting: Providing customers with a full set of investment strategies and solutions including analysis, evaluation, advice and execution of all types of financial products such as stocks, bonds, funds, futures, foreign exchange, gold.

Securities research: Providing customers with in-depth research reports on macroeconomics, industry trends, company analysis, investment strategy and regular information services such as market dynamics.

Integrated trading system

    Stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, funds and more can be traded in over 150 markets worldwide through one account.

  • Analysis of global stocks

    Charge money into your account in 27 currencies and trade assets in various currencies.

  • Global Futures Trading

    Use BCF to scan global markets for futures market trading dynamics.

  • Integrated trading system
    Make transactions so convenient!
  • Security And Financial Regulations

    Bfc keeps your money in a separate account from a creditable financial institution

  • Trading Conditions

    Bfc provides the lowest spreads and commissions throughout the industry, as well as an outperforming trade experience at a fast implementation pace.

  • Transparency And Convenience

    Whatever the scale of your investment is, what you find is that there are no hidden provisions. Our account opening procedure is simple and user-friendly.

  • That Allowed All Of These Policies

    For your success,Bfc does not limit profits and allows all trading strategies, including risk prevention and scalping.